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Finally, the Weight Management support you always needed

Let go of fad diets, pseudoscience, and programs that don’t work. Our program was built on a solid scientific foundation that includes neuroscience, nutrition, medicine, and psychology.

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Weight Management has evolved

Let go of fad diets and build success with high quality science

Let go of all the one-size-fits-all approach to weight loss. Our expert team will create a program that is build around your needs using the highest quality medical science


Build a Foundation with a Comprehensive Assessment


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Create a Personalized Plan in a group or one-on-one coaching program


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Discover a New Relationship with Food and Plan Long-Term Success

Start with the best science, get the best results

Body Composition and Metabolism Testing

Come to the only clinic in the Kingston area that uses the most advanced research grade technology to create a clearer picture of your body and health. We use gold standard equipment to complete both a body compositional analysis and a metabolism test to make sure we known exactly how to approach your building a diet that will work for your body. No more guess work or fad plans.

Detailed Eating Behaviour Assessments

Knowing what to change is the most important first step. This is why we have introduced a comprehensive analysis of eating behaviours. We begin with a 4 point assessment strategy so that we can understand all of the different influences of your eating behaviours. Understanding yourself in this way helps us build a customized plan that will work for you as an individual. Start building real success with real science.

Genetic Testing

Ever wonder how much of a role your genes have in your health and wellbeing? Through a specialized Canadian laboratory we are able to test 45 genes to get a deeper understanding of how your body metabolizes nutrients, their impact on your health and weight, and most importantly what you can do to manage these genetic influences.

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Our Office

800 John Marks Avenue
Kingston, ON, K7L 7G2

**We are located inside the KOPI clinic**


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