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Group Contract

This group contract was built by the group on the first day of class. Please review and keep it in mind as we progress through the program.

  1. Each person will use respectful and non-judgemental language towards other members of the group

  2. Each person will speak with respect and use non-judgemental language when speaking of themselves in the group

  3. We all agree to trust each other and consider the privacy of others in the group both inside of the class sessions and outside of the clinic. We will allow others to share personal information and will not share this information with others outside of the clinic.

  4. We agree to respect other’s privacy outside the clinic and to not identify them as participants in this program without their consent

  5. When in class we will allow everyone the opportunity to speak, not interrupting others or dominating the discussions

  6. We commit to completing homework between sessions so that we can learn from each other

  7. We will offer our support or provide advice when asked for it. We won’t assume everyone wants our advice or give unsolicited advice to others.

  8. We agree to always do our best to be on time and respect that classes begin at 5:30pm and end at 6:30pm.