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Your Feedback Helps Us Help You

When you let us know how we are doing meeting your needs it allows us to make changes to our program that are needed to fully meet your needs. Knowing that please let us with some honest, constructive, feedback that gives us a real sense of how we are doing. Don't worry about hurting our feelings- we are always happy to get feedback about what we aren't doing well or what we should be doing.

Date *
On what day was the group session?
Question 1
Do you feel that today’s session was relevant for you?
Question 2
Do you feel that today’s session gave you a better understanding of how to effectively manage your weight?
Question 3
Did you learn something that you can apply to your life this week that will help you better manage your eating habits or weight?
Question 4
Is there a topic that you would like discussed that will help you better make changes that isn’t on the schedule?
Question 5
Rate your confidence in managing this behaviours: 1 is least confident; 10 is most confident
Question 6
Do you feel the group facilitator created a safe and comfortable environment?
Question 7
Do you feel the group facilitator clearly explained the topic?
If there is a topic(s) that you want to see covered in the group that isn't listed in your schedule please list them below
If there is anything else you'd like to share please write it in below