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focus on lasting weight loss

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Welcome To Kingston’s Most Advanced Weight Management Program

Using the highest quality medical research our program focuses on supporting people in long-term weight loss success. Meet with an expert and get a customized weight management program that will help you understand what you need to not just lose weight but find lasting success.

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“We are dedicated to using the best science and technology to accelerate our clients towards their Best Weight. I am dedicated to helping you find a lifestyle you love!"

- Ryan Stallard, Registered Dietitian, Certified Bariatric Educator

Program founder

Modern Medical Science and Weight Management

Recent scientific breakthroughs have shown that while energy intake and energy expenditure are important there is a lot more to this puzzle. Learn what influences your weight and how to move forward successfully. We help by offering:

  • Dietitian-guided meal planning

  • Meal replacement treatment options (Optifast 900 and Slimtime)

  • Behaviour change education

  • Physical activity education and support

  • Planning your Best Weight lifestyle


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800 John Marks Ave
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We are located inside the KOPI clinic


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