5 Tips for Bouncing Back After Thanksgiving

Happy (early) Thanksgiving to our Canadian readers! We hope you enjoy some good food and quality time with your loved ones this Thanksgiving. For anyone trying to manage their weight, the holidays can feel like an obstacle to get through. If you missed it, check out last year’s blog for helpful tips on Healthy Holiday Eating Without Feeling Deprived. Today, we’re tackling the topic of what to do (and not to do) post-holidays when you’ve probably had a few off-eating events so that you can get back on track in a healthy way.


1) Avoid the scale

Your weight naturally fluctuates day-to-day with changes in hydration status, bowel movements, and eating patterns. After a heavy day of holiday feasting, it can be tempting to step on a scale, but this is a bad idea. For every 300g of carbohydrates your body stores as glycogen, it also stores 900g of water. This equates to 1.2 kg total, or about 2.6 lbs. This water weight will fall off within a few days, so one off-eating event is nothing to stress over. 

2) Get moving


Some people feel they need to “work off” a holiday meal or exercise to earn their food, but this is a harmful mentality to have. Exercise alone is not an effective method of weight loss, so instead of using it as punishment for an off-eating event, exercise to de-stress and feel good throughout the holidays. A solo gym session or scenic walk outdoors can be a nice way to get some quiet alone time, or you could plan a fun outdoor activity with family!

3) Add fresh veggies to leftovers

When you take out leftovers for your lunches during the following work week, serve yourself smaller portions of rich foods like turkey with gravy and mashed potatoes and fill up the rest of your plate with veggies to create a more balanced, nutritious meal.

4) Rehydrate with water

If you had a few too many glasses of wine during the holidays, it’s a good idea to up your water intake now to rehydrate. Remember, moderation is no more than 10 alcoholic drinks a week for women or 15 drinks a week for men. It’s important to also include non-drinking days a few times each week. Keep a water bottle handy and try tracking your intake!

5) Get back on your regular diet

There’s no need to go on a restrictive diet or “cleanse” after the holidays, and research has shown these are totally ineffective for long-term weight loss maintenance. The best thing to do is just resume a balanced healthy diet. 

Weight management is complex, but the right support can help. Contact us to book a free dietitian consultation.

Ryan Stallard