Recipe Roundup: 5 Seasonal Ingredients to Cook With This Spring

Spring weather is finally here! While it might not be barbecue season just yet, it’s the perfect time to start transitioning your crockpot meals to fresh, vibrant spring recipes with seasonable produce coming to stores in May. When you buy in-season, not only do you reap the health benefits of fresh local produce, but you can also stretch your budget and feel good supporting local growers. This week we’re rounding up 5 fresh ingredients to cook with for spring – including tasty recipes to get you started!



Nutrition Highlights: Source of vitamin C and folate

What to Buy: Look for bright green stalks with tightly closed, compact tips. Stalks should be straight, firm, and about 6 to 11 inches in length.

Baked Springtime Risotto

Fresh Asparagus Garbanzo Bean Salad

Asparagus Pesto


Nutrition Highlights: Source of vitamin C, vitamin K, potassium and calcium

What to Buy: Choose rhubarb with crisp, firm stalks. Rhubarb that has been grown outdoors will come in various shades of green to a deep ruby red. Avoid consuming rhubarb leaves.

Rhubarb Chutney

Rhubarb Sauce, Smoothies and Shakes

Mini Rhubarb Raspberry Trifles with Coconut Whipped Cream


Field Strawberries 

Nutrition Highlights: Source of vitamin C

What to Buy: Look for bright red strawberries with no signs of damage or mold. Good strawberries will be fragrant so smell them to be sure they are fresh.

Strawberry Apple Pancakes

Mini Cucumber Strawberry Boats

Strawberry Barbecue Sauce


Nutrition Highlights: Source of vitamin C and potassium

What to Buy: Fresh radishes should have bright green, perky leaves, so avoid any with wilted, mushy, or brown leaves. The radishes themselves should be very firm and bright magenta. 

Pickled Radishes with Whole Spices

Spring Radish Salad

Garlic Roasted Radishes


Nutrition Highlights: Source of vitamin A, vitamin C, folate and calcium

What to Buy: Spinach should have crisp leaves with a dark green colour. Avoid spinach that is wilted or yellowed.

Spinach and Mushroom Lasagna

Pasta with Lots of Green Veggies and Boursin Sauce

Berries and Spinach Smoothie

To learn more about what’s in season in Ontario, visit Foodland Ontario.

Ryan Stallard