Unlock the Potential of Food to Bring Us Together


For our last Nutrition Month post, we’re celebrating food’s potential to bring us together. Whether it’s a birthday party, wedding or holiday celebration, coming together often happens over food. Research shows that eating with loved ones supports our mental, physical and emotional wellbeing, yet 30% of Canadians say it’s challenging to find time to eat meals with friends and family. 

To get dinner on the table more quickly and with less stress, try crockpot recipes or freezer meals that involve little prep the night of. If dinner time is inconvenient, share breakfast or weekend brunch with your family instead!  

Start a Conversation

Maybe you aren’t used to eating together with your family at the dinner table, and that’s okay! Here are some tips to help you get the conversation going:

  • Set a “no phones at the table” policy and turn off the TV

  • Keep it light by avoiding stressful conversational topics like money or scolding picky eaters

  • Ask open-ended questions like “tell me something interesting you learned at school today”

Benefits of Family Meals

Eating with your kids can have lasting impacts on their academic performance, mental health, physical health and emotional relationships. Children who enjoy regular family meals are more likely to:  

  • Be adventurous with food

  • Consume more fruits and vegetables 

  • Consume fewer soft drinks

  • Achieve better grades in school  

  • Have fewer behavioural and emotional problems  

  • Talk more openly and have better relationships with parents

  • Have improved language skills

  • Experience a sense of safety and stability at home

  • Abstain from drugs and alcohol 

With so many benefits, family dinners are well worth the planning and effort. Dietitians can support your family to make changes to your mealtime behaviours. Just ask!

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Ryan Stallard