Unlock the Potential to Discover Cooking with Kids

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Did you know that improving children’s ability to prepare food can lead to healthier eating habits, including eating more vegetables and fruits? This week we’re talking about the Potential to Discover new healthy foods with some tips to get the kiddos excited about trying veggies!

It’s easy after a long day to put the kids in front of a screen while you whip up food for the family but encouraging them to help out in the kitchen could make them more open at the dinner table. Repeated exposure is key to alleviating picky eating habits, and cooking is a fun way to expose kids to a new recipe before it lands on their plates. According to Dietitians of Canada, the best way to get kids eating a variety of foods is to get them involved with cooking from an early age.


Try some of these ideas to inspire your kids to discover new, healthy foods:

  • Get them involved in the whole process! If you have a backyard garden, let the kids plant some veggies and harvest them. Look through cookbook photos together and let them choose a recipe that looks tasty. Choose colourful produce together in the grocery store. Children are more receptive to new foods if they helped grow and cook them. Play off their curiosity!

  • Start simple with no-bake recipes. Kids can easily make their own fruit sundaes or lettuce wraps with little help. Simply lay out the ingredients, like chopped fruits and veggies, and allow them to assemble their own creations.

  • Visit farmer’s markets (and farms!) to show them where their food comes from. Take a weekend trip to a local farm, orchard or market and bring home fresh ingredients you can make a meal of together – like this colourful frittata or beet salad.

  • Plan a theme night with the whole family. Try foods from different cultures or do breakfast for dinner. Make it extra fun with music and a game! 

If dinner times are stressful and you’re struggling with picky eating, a dietitian can provide tailored advice to meet your personal needs and challenges, including taste, food skills and accessibility. You can find a dietitian in your area here, or if you’re looking for personalized weight management support, book a free consultation with us!

Ryan Stallard