Introducing the Fooditian Kitchen Podcast

Hi Everyone!

you might recall we were getting a podcast off the ground in the summer… but hit a snafu where we used a name (weight, what?) that was already in use! Sooo, instead we changed gears and have introduced the podcast in a re-packaged format.

The podcast is all about learning about food through recipes and nutritional sciences. I want to share my love of the everyday and exotic foods in my life with you and for you to see why I find them all so exciting! The first episode is all about the humble chickpea - where I show that you can make everything from egg-free omelettes to chickpea coffee!

It’s such a fun podcast and I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do! You can find the first episode on itunes, spotify, and google play or by visiting the website

Episode 1: Chickpea coffee

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