How to Create a Budget-Friendly Plant-Based Dinner


Dinners can seem challenging if you’re new to a vegetarian or vegan way of eating, so to wrap up this series on plant-based meal planning, we’re sharing some ideas for meatless dinners that you can try this week! These recipes are easy, delicious and great for anyone looking to eat healthfully on a budget. Check out our previous posts on breakfast and lunch if you’d like information about how to build a healthy plate with alternative proteins, fats and complex carbs. 

Eating well on a budget is easy with plant-based foods. Lentils, beans and soy products are affordable alternatives to meat products and can usually be purchased in bulk. Canned lentils and beans are great for convenience, but dried varieties will give you more bang for your buck. Textured vegetable protein (TVP) and tofu are other great protein options that are cheap and versatile. Try some of these tips to save even more money when meal planning:

  • Check out weekly deals in your local grocery store flyers and plan dinners around items that are on sale

  • Take advantage of discount days and coupons at your local grocery stores

  • Make a grocery list based on your meal plan and stick to it 

  • Plan ahead for busy nights when you know you won’t have time to cook – instead of ordering in, prep and freeze an easy dinner recipe like chili or stew

  • When possible, buy fruits and veggies frozen or canned to save money and prevent food waste

More information on budgeting for groceries can be found here.

Now that you have all the basics of plant-based meal planning down pat, give these recipes a try for your next Meatless Monday dinner or any other night of the week:

Before making big changes to your diet, it’s important to first talk to your Registered Dietitian. If you’d like professional guidance in going plant-based for weight management, contact us today!

Ryan Stallard