Salty ribs- why you need help building a better diet

Before I became a dietitian, or even knew what that was, I was busy studying business. After my first year I moved into a rental house, finally a free man! Before moving I had promised a few friends a nice BBQ'd meal as a way to entice them to help lug boxes on a hot August day. What was on the menu? Ribs, ribs, and more ribs - just as you might expect from a 20 year old kid cooking for his buddies. After the big move I proudly fired up the BBQ and seasoned the ribs. Since neither I, nor my friends, knew much about cooking at the time we agreed on a rub of equal parts garlic powder and salt, and without tasting the rub I lathered the ribs in this saltier-than-movie-popcorn mix. When those ribs came off the BBQ they were melt in your mouth.... salt bombs. My friends dutifully ate them, but the expression on their faces looked like they were eating a pile of sour keys. 

Why am I sharing this embarrassing story? Well for one that was many moons ago and I am now a skilled home cook- although my wife might debate that statement some nights. I also want to share with you the importance of getting the right support. Had anyone at the cookout learned anything about cooking we would have been able to see the problem with that much salt. So when you go to into meal planning mode and aren't sure what is healthful don't search aimlessly on the internet or ask people who aren't well qualified to answer. 

When making lifestyle changes Find a highly qualified professional who understands food, nutrition, and health. A good start is a registered dietitian. If you are looking for weight management find a dietitian with lots of experience in behavioural weight loss treatments. This way you won't be left hoping that the information is worth following. Instead you'll get education based on high-quality science and clinical experience. There is no substitute for this type of help, no fad diet, diet supplement, or drug can give you what a qualified professional will. So don't go it alone, find the right support, or at the very least make sure you find someone who knows how much (or how little) salt to use.

Happy eating!


Ryan Stallard