Stop Trying Every Weight Loss Program Under the Sun

"It can't hurt to try."  "Any weight loss program is worth trying." "Any weight loss is good."

Are these things you have heard people tell you? Maybe you have said them yourself after reading about the latest dieting trend or fad diet? The truth is the exact opposite of each of these statements. 

These statements are the beginning of a conversation I often have with my clients and patients. The reason is that they are the beginning of a long, unhappy, and frustrating road to weight cycling and ultimately weight gain. In the you blame yourself and are left confused about what a healhty diet is and ask "what is wrong with me?". Of course, the answer is nothing is wrong with you.


Before I get into why these approach is bad news, I want to say that the antidote to this thinking is being honest about what you are trying to achieve and what you truly enjoy. When following a "try anything" mentality you will end up trying lots of unrealistic, unsustainable, and even unhealthy approaches to weight loss. This will ultimately leave you giving up over and over again. The problem with this is 2 fold: Firstly, the emotional and psychological impact of the weight-loss-weight-regain cycle is powerful, and the more times it happens the more hurtful it is. 

The second is that our bodies and brains react to weight loss in a way that helps us regain more weight than we lost and keep it on. This is human physiology working properly and does not mean there is something wrong with a person. The more this happens the more harmful it is.  

Instead of the 'it doesn't hurt to try' approach why not have an honest discussion about a persons lifestyle, likes and dislikes, history with their weight, and what they are trying to achieve. From there you can build a plan that will likely last more than a few weeks or months.