Making it Meaningful: The Secret sauce of finding a best weight

The most reliable way to successful weight change is by having a personal reason built around that change. Not a goal, something more deeply important, a direction.

I'd like to start my point off with a story:

I have lived my life as a meat eater, with little thought as to where the food came from. Recently, however, I have been thinking more and more about ethically raised animals and taking a closer look at my personal food system. I have always had this type of stuff on my mind, but it used to be in the background. I didn't really identify it as a personal belief so it was always something I was going to do.
Recently, my wife and I talked have been talking about it more and more, and we realized it was important to us personally to consider the welfare of animals. This has led us on a journey of a mostly plant-based diet with a sprinkle of ethically raised animal proteins. This is not an easy shift in our lives. Our families are still of the traditional mindset and the world around us hasn't changed just because we have.

What has fascinated me about this change is that we seem to be happily making it work for one simple reason: this way of eating aligns with our personal beliefs. This has made our changes feel good, even though the pull for the typical western diet is still there, and the easier choice is not plant-based.


Why is this story important to you?

If you are interested in changing how you eat find an eating pattern that aligns with your personal beliefs. If you believe it is important to be a role model for your family -make choices that reflect this belief- double your vegetables at dinner or eat less process foods. It might not be easy but it will feel good because it reflects your personal beliefs, and knowing this will give your decisions a sense of purpose. What's great about this approach is that you will start to find ways to make things work even when it is difficult or inconvenient, simply because it is personally important to you.

Forget doing things because it is "part of a diet" - start by identifying what is personally important to you and then see how your diet can fit in with that belief. You'll find the changes more meaningful even when they are difficult.