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From Weight Loss to Weight Wellness

Let go of the one-size-fits-all approach to weight management and get a treatment that is unique to your needs. Learn how your body and eating habits work and then learn how to work with them to find your Best Weight.

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“We are dedicated to using the best science and technology to accelerate our clients towards their Best Weight. I am dedicated to helping you find a lifestyle you love!"

- Ryan Stallard, Registered Dietitian, Certified Bariatric Educator

Program founder


weight loss, Re-imagined

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Virtual Reality Enhanced Treatments

Accelerated Change

Learn to manage cravings in real-life situations by immersing yourself in a virtual simulation of challenging environments. Our expert team will be there to help you understand how to create changes in those moments that last a lifetime.

This treatment can accelerate your change from where you are to where you want to be, making the time to success up to 4 times faster than traditional programs.

The most advance habit change program available

Personalized Care

No more jumping from weight loss program to weight loss program. This program offers the most up-to-date behaviour change tools so that you can find lasting success both during and after your time in our program. Most importantly, the treatment you get is based on your unique needs.

We focus on skill building and changing your habits around food instead of just talking about dieting. Combining this high-quality approach with education around healthy eating has made this program a stand out success. Combining our in-depth assessment of your needs with cutting edge treatments gives you the highest quality support possible.

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Get the right support, in-person or online

Accessible Support

Finally the right support for every body. Get the level of support you’re looking for, from taking it at your pace and doing it online from anywhere to a medically supervised intensive treatment with Kingston’s obesity expert.

Whatever your needs are we can help you find success.

Our online program (click here to check it out)

This 12 session program offers you access to all the information you need to be successful and includes videos, audio sessions, worksheets, all built by experts and based on science.

This program gives you:

  • a chance to learn at your own pace

  • a lower cost alternative to in-clinic learning

  • 1 year access to our online program

  • detailed behavioural assessments and feedback

  • learning by video, audio, online worksheets, quizzes and more!

Our in-clinic treatment

This intensive 12 week behaviour change program brings you into the clinic to learn the principles of changing your habits around food and how to build a diet that suits your needs with the in-person support with a team of experts.

This program gives you access to:

  • one-on-one access to Kingston’s obesity expert

  • meal replacements support

  • virtual reality enhanced learning

  • detailed behavioural assessments and feedback

  • body composition and metabolism testing

Body Composition and Metabolism Testing

Come to the only clinic in the Kingston area that uses the most advanced research grade technology to create a clearer picture of your body and health. We use gold standard equipment to complete both a body compositional analysis and a metabolism test to make sure we known exactly how to approach your building a diet that will work for your body. No more guess work or fad plans.

Detailed Eating Behaviour Assessments

Knowing what to change is the most important first step. This is why we have introduced a comprehensive analysis of eating behaviours. We begin with a 4 point assessment strategy so that we can understand all of the different influences of your eating behaviours. Understanding yourself in this way helps us build a customized plan that will work for you as an individual. Start building real success with real science.


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How do I get started?

People can just contact us by email, phone, or fax and book in their free consultation to get started. No need for a doctor’s referral to begin the process.

If you are seeing your family doctor and want them to refer you, download the referral form and bring in into their office by clicking below. If you come in without a referral we can send it to them on your behalf.

download the referral form

How does the program work?

Our program is tailored to each individual’s needs rather than being one-size-fits-all. This means that we will see how much support you need in changing your eating habits and build a plan that fits those needs.

We start off by meeting with you for a free consultation, then move onto completing our comprehensive assessment. The assessment includes body composition, metabolism testing, eating behaviour analysis, and a review of your history and current medical status with a focus on weight. After that we go over those results with that you and create a personalized treatment plan from there. This plan will include a personalized meal plan, it can also include meal replacements like Optifast 900, and a behavioural change plan.

We talk you through the pros and cons of one-on-one counselling versus group programs, and the different weight management treatments available to help you decide what is right for you. After getting started we will review how things are going every 12 weeks to make sure you are making the progress you need to be successful.

What are the costs of the program?

Offering personalized plans based on each person’s unique needs means that we can build a plan that meets every budget. The main costs is the time spent in our clinic, but you can also follow along in our online program at a lower overall cost or if you live too far from the clinic to come in regularly.

If you qualify for our meal replacement treatment there is an additional cost of using those, if you choose to.


hi, I’m Ryan

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Ryan Stallard, RD, CBE

After graduating from Western University in London, ON I started my career as a registered dietitian in Toronto, ON. I first worked under one of Canada's physician experts in behavioural weight management, where I learned the principles of behavioural change. Since then I have worked in both surgical and medical bariatric care programs while heading several clinical research projects. My research focused on new treatments for weight management and I have presented at both national and international obesity conferences. 

I’m a: 

  • World Obesity Federation certified obesity specialist

  • Certified Bariatric Educator

  • Registered Dietitian

  • Published Research Scientist

  • Passionate foodie and gardener!


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